Customer Service KPIs

Here are the main KPIs for the Customer Service. They are part of the Customer Service Dashboard or Balanced Scorecard.

Please see the following table.

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Activity Subject Calculation
Cost Cost value evolution vs. budget (at cost)
Cost value in % of COGS evolution vs. budget COGS Cost of Goods Sold = Beginning Merchandise Inventory + Net Purchases of Merchandise – Ending Merchandise
Cost per order Total customer service cost ÷ number of orders
Cost per phone call Phone cost ÷ number of calls
Total talking time ÷ number of calls
Ordering Average value of the order Total value of orders ÷ number of orders
Average profit per order Total profit ÷ number of orders
Billing or invoice accuracy Billing discrepancy Number of invoices with billing discrepancies ÷ total number of invoices
Price discrepancy Number of invoice lines with price discrepancies ÷ total number of invoice lines
Payment Term of payment Average Term of payment vs target
Average Term of payment vs contractual Term of payment time per customer
Commercial activities Conversion rate % of call that ended up with a sale
Quality and service Order entry accuracy Number of order lines with entry error ÷ total number of order lines
Service Average lead time for all orders
Number of order lines shipped on time ÷ total number of order lines shipped during the same period
Customer claims Number of order lines with customer claim ÷ total number of order lines shipped during the same period
First Contact Resolution – FCR Number of phone claims resolved during the first phone call ÷ total number of phone claims
Handling Time Average time necessary to resolve a phone claim
Customer returns Number of items returned by customers ÷ total number of items shipped during the same period
Dispute (for suppliers and clients) Number of order lines delivered in dispute÷  number of order lines delivered during the same period
Goods amount delivered in dispute÷ total goods amount delivered during the same period
Phone line availability Average Speed of Answer (ASA) : Total time waited by customers to reach a customer service operator ÷ Number of calls
% of phone calls answered after the determined limit (f.e. 10 seconds…)
% of phone calls interrupted after a too long wait
HR Productivity Number of customers order processed per day per FTE

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