Information Technology IT KPIs

Here are the main KPIs for the Information Technology (IT) Activity.  They are part of the IT Dashboard or Balanced Scorecard.

Please see the following table.

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Activity Subject Calculation
Cost Cost value evolution vs. Budget
Information Technology (IT) expense as % of total administrative expense Total cost of IT ÷ total value of administrative expenses
Cost of IT as % of company revenue Total cost of IT ÷ Total company revenue
IT cost per employee Total cost of IT ÷ total number of employees
Average IT cost per customer Total cost of IT ÷ total number of customers serviced
Average cost per PC Total cost of purchase and support of the PCs ÷ Number of Pcs
Cost of IT maintenance Cost of IT maintenance ÷ total IT costs
IT projects Average cost per IT project
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Cost of material + software + consumable + building + payroll + training + maintenance + safety …
IT investments as a % of the total investment Value of IT investments ÷ total annual investment of the company
Detailed cost Material (purchased and hired)
Stationery and consumable
Incidents Number of incidents Total number of incidents during the period
IT policy violations as a % of total incidents Number of incidents due to IT policy violations ÷ total number of incidents
Average time with unavailable IS Time with IS unavalaible ÷ total operating time
Average time with unavailable server Time with server unavalaible ÷ total operating time
MTBF – Mean-time Between Failure (running time – downtime) ÷ number of failures
Failure frequency
Helpdesk Number of complaints ÷ number of customers
Number of complaints ÷ number of helpdesk employees
Number of phone claims resolved during the first phone call ÷ total number of phone claims
Information System development Average cost per information system function point Cost of IS development ÷ number of business functionalities of the new IS
Average time per information system function point Total development time ÷ number of function points developed
Budget reliability Actual cost ÷ initial budget
Warehousing Cost per terabyte (1 Terabyte = 1000 Gigabytes) Average acquisition cost of one terabyte of data
Cost per stored terabyte Average storing cost of one terabyte of data
Average server connection time Average time between the launch of a request and the server identifying that request
Internal servers centrally managed Number of servers with centralized management ÷ total number of servers
Infrastructure Average equipment replacement time Average time between the replacement need identification and the actual replacement
Obsolete IT infrastructure Number of IT infrastructure components that are obsolete
Average number of Pcs per employee Number of PCs ÷ number of employees
Average number of printers per department Number of printers ÷ number of department
Service Deliveries on time Number of developments delivered on time ÷ number total of developments delivered
Customer complaint Average time necessary to resolve a complaint
HR Time dedicated to creative IT activities Time spent in creative IT activities in FTEs ÷ total work time dedicated to IT activities in FTEs
Training Number of hours of training ÷ number of IT employees
IT work outsourced Amount of IT work outsourced ÷ total IT work (in man-hours or man-days)
Payroll IT payroll ÷ total payroll
Stability Number of employees present after x months ÷ Number of hires x month ago
Average seniority of the employees

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