KPIs presentation

KPIs presentation is fundamental. It has to be particularly careful at the moment to chose the way of presenting the significant evolution that will need attention and action.

More generally, Key Perfomance Indicators that present colors are more attractive for the audience and simplify the reading, giving the first keys of analysis. Standard colors are :

  • green : positive evolution
  • red : negative evolution
  • yellow : worse situation

Moreover the evolutions have to be underlined :

  • ascending arrow: increasing
  • descending arrow : decreasing

A KPI must present an evolution. The previous value are generally never memorized by people. It is moreover important to underline its evolution in comparison with a milestone related to the organization and the measured activity (the day before, last week, last month, last year..).

The evolution percentage from a period to another must also be presented. It simplifies the reading and allows to identify more quickly the extent of the situation.

If the definition of crisis points is possible, then the KPIs would present alerts, using colors to express the criticality of the situation.

Goals must be viewable on the KPI and thus allow the comparison real vs objective.

Recommended bibliography