What difference between KPIs information data and measures ?

To define a Key Performance Indicator – KPI, it is first necessary to speak a common language. Data, measures, information, metrics and KPIs are different notions that need to be precised. If we take the example of a hotline :

Data : data are simple information units. Those are raw numbers and very few have a significant enough value to be used.

For example : number of calls answered, number of employees…

Measures : measures are a little more precise than data but still rarely used.

For example : number of calls answered per day, number of cases closed per employees

Information : information provide generally comparative data. Those are basic indicators.

For example : number of calls answered per day compared to the number of employees, average resolution time per type of problem…

KPI : The performance indicators add a real value to the information (built on measures and data). They are the answer to a specific question from the company’s board of directors. They are presented generally through a graphical representation and explanatory comments easy to understand. They are always related to a strategic goal and appear in the company dashboards. They are needed for the management of an activity and must lead to action.

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