What to do with KPIs ?

Once the good key performance indicators are defined : the ones related with the company’s goal, measurable,… what can be done ?

KPIs are used as management and performance steering tools, but also as a motivation tool. They give to everyone inside the organization an clear view of what is important, of the situation that need to be reached.

It needs to be assured that all the staff is focused during the KPIs analysis meeting. If they are discerning, KPIs also help to share information inside the company and during meetings. As everybody is using the same report from week to week, the analysis is quicker and the information better shared. Then everybody is focused on the same problem, working more efficiently at its resolution.

KPIs have to be posted : inside the canteen, on the meeting rooms walls, on the company intranet, even on the company internet website for those that can be made public. To show what is the target of each KPI and to show the progress made is a major factor of teams motivation.

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